Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Marijuana Growers Turn to Hydroponics Company... To Help Them Save Their Marijuana Grow Ops

When marijuana growers and users have problems with the government, they usually ask attorneys or marijuana advocacy organizations for help.
They rarely seek help from hydroponics companies, head shops, and other businesses that profit from the marijuana community.
But some besieged marijuana growers have indeed found an unusual place to get help…
The story starts more than a decade ago when the Canadian federal government initiated its “Medical Marihuana Medical Access Program” that offers marijuana growing licenses for qualified patients and gives legal protection for registered people growing and/or possessing marijuana.
In addition, a Canadian federal government contractor has supplied subsidized schwag marijuana to patients unable to grow cannabis themselves or find someone to grow it for them.
Although the federal marijuana program has some serious glitches, tens of thousands of licensed marijuana growers and patients benefit from it. Problem is, the federal government recently announced its intention to invalidate all personal marijuana-growing licenses in 2014.

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