Tuesday, 26 February 2013

$100 Do-It-Yourself Drip Irrigation System

This technique has been used by farmers in low-moisture areas for thousands of years, and for good reason; it allows gardeners to reuse their water when grown hydroponically, and it loses very little water when utilized in traditional soil agriculture.

For medical marijuana growers, the Drip Irrigation technique can be a simple foray into the world of horticulture. We will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating an (economy-style) Drip Irrigation System, READ MORE...

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Discover The Marijuana Sex Secret Viagra Makers Don't Want You to Know

When will pharmaceutical companies create Viagra for women? Doesn't matter, because Viagra for women already exists: it's called marijuana. Get ready for sex fun, because this article gives you an insider marijuana sex secret so explosive that Viagra pharmaceutical companies absolutely hope you don't know about it!

Marijuana will make this even hotter!

This exciting marijuana sex secret doesn't involve your lungs. In fact, there’s no way you can be sure that smoking marijuana will make you hornier or more orgasmic. Depending on the strain of marijuana and the person using it, in some cases the opposite could be true. But there are other ways to use marijuana, and one of them is a sexual miracle. Here's how you use marijuana to boost your sex pleasure...

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How To Plant Outdoor Marijuana Like a Pro

Many of us in the indoor and outdoor gardening industry benefit from watching videos online that are made by other members of the community. The internet is a fabulous way for us to share information, and in my opinion, the true master growers are the ones who are willing to share their secrets with the rest of us in order to benefit the industry as a whole; not just keep their methods to themselves.
The Brown Dirt Warrior's Excellent Step-By-Step Walkthrough of Outdoor Planting 

One such master grower is a man who calls himself Brown Dirt Warrior. BDW has created a series of web videos that truly show the process of being an outdoor grower, both the highs and the lows.

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Marijuana Growers: Who Really Loves You?

Marijuana growers are doing this planet a big favor. We do the hard effort, take the risks, and spend our money to produce Big buds that make people feel good. And yet, we get harassed and dissed by society. But here's a true story about finding out who really loves and respects marijuana growers...

Advanced Nutrients!

Advanced Nutrients!

A friend of mine doesn’t grow marijuana but does grow other high-value plants, called bromeliads. Pineapple plants are in the bromeliad family, and there are thousands of other bromeliads. Bromeliads are almost like a cult plant, and they're quite a big business worldwide.
 Why? Because like marijuana, bromeliads are a specialty plant, so generic gardening advice and fertilizers are useless, if not harmful. The only people you trust for supplies, starter plants, and grow inforomation are people who know bromeliads real well, he explains.

When I went to the BigBudsMag.com website and saw live video feeds from a huge marijuana event in Spain called Spannabis, it was obvious to me that there’s a big difference between Advanced Nutrients as compared to General Hydroponics, Technaflora, Botanicare, House & Garden, X, Heavy 16, Fox Farm, Humboldt Nutrients, and all the other hydroponics companies that sell fertilizers to marijuana growers.
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Sunday, 17 February 2013

MARIJUANA MOB MAYHEM! Riot At Spanish Weed Gathering Spannabis

Mayhem ensued when attendees rioted at the Advanced Nutrients display at Spannabis in Barcelona.
The marijuana loving mob began to push forward as Mike and his assistants handed out sample bottle of the company's Big Bud, B-52 and Overdrive. AN employees attempted to hold the people back, but attendees soon rushed in, swiping nearly $30,000 in nutrients that were slated for giveaway over the weekend.

Crowds had been growing throughout the day as Big Mike and AN co-owner Gino Yordanov tossed out prizes such as t-shirts, frisbies and grower head lamps from the VIP second level of the AN display.
But when it came time to giveaway the nutes, safety concerns over tossing sample bottles to the crowd below lead to the decision to move the nutrients down to the main floor to handout.
Spanish MMJ enthusiasts couldn't resist the chance to get their hands on free nutes, and soon, the peaceful crowd turned into an unruly mob.
Note: watch the complete video here Spannabis2013 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hydroponics Store: Can I Trust Hydroponics Store Advice?

Some hydroponics stores are owned or staffed by people who've never grown marijuana. Or, if they have grown marijuana, they’re not very good at it. Of course, even if they are marijuana growing specialist, their store’s policy may prohibit them from talking about marijuana growing.

I love growing marijuana and to get best buds, I read different marijuana grow books, talk with other marijuana grower and most importantly watch growing videos. Sometimes for marijuana growing, I count for the hydroponic store advice as well. But there are times when the store owners give us bad information that can ruin your marijuana growth cycle. We all have sometime come across stores that convince us to buy different brands for which we never demanded. There are times, when my store tried to sell me a specific brand fertilizer that had spoiled my marijuana plant. Is that something really good they want to sell or there is some hidden benefits of the store owners. Let’s find out here. 

The reality:
 After visiting different hydroponic stores, I have found out some hidden realities that every marijuana grower should be aware of. Few stores have particular agreements with prominent hydroponic producers to sell off their brands to consumers. Through this, many store owners get financial inducement to push specific brand over other. Most stores owners mostly focused on earning profits rather than selling good products. Some hydroponic producers put sales quotas for different stores. They provide store owner with specific kickbacks, refund and erstwhile rewards.  Due to such financial benefits, the stores request their customers to buy products which give them higher returns. That’s quite standard practice of most hydroponic retailer.
Tips and Strategy: 

Here are tips and tactics for marijuana grower looking for fair hydroponic store advice
Try to spend time in hydroponic store and observe what method they are following for selling products to growers. There are times when you see store employee routing costumers with specific brands and chanting its benefits.
•Politely ask the store owners if they receive any kickbacks or refund while selling specific brand or promoting products.
•Try to get specific knowledge about the product that store owner recommends you. This will help you get more knowledge or know the honesty of the advisor.
•Check out the store’s exchange or refund policy, mainly for buying marijuana growing goods. If the store owner is confident of selling or recommending of something great products, ask him to offer you an instant refund if the product that does not work well. If he deny offering you with the refund or exchange policy, than there is something hidden. Avoid buying such products.
•If you’re trying new products for the first time, buy the smallest containers. Use that products on marijuana plants and pay close attention. Observe and see whether the product is producing bad or good results effect on your marijuana plant. You can also ask for free sample before buying the new products.
•You can visit various hydroponic stores and ask similar questions. Do research on products recommended by most store owners and talk with your grow friends before you purchase the product.
•Follow the company websites. If the company gives you a professional website which speaks to their consumers as a marijuana cultivator and gives tons of marijuana growing information, that product or company gets extra credits.

Read Here for some more tips about Unbiased Hydroponics Store Advice... 

Friday, 8 February 2013

Spannabis 2013: The Best Hydroponics Show On Earth

Spain has become one of Europe’s marijuana hotspots, and February’s annual Spannabis marijuana event in Barcelona is the perfect time for cannabis growers, tokers, breeders, and the marijuana industry to talk, party, and celebrate. 
Come and see the best hydroponics show on earth!
Meet the hydropnonics ringmaster himself, Mr. Erik Biska, joined by his fellow ringmasters REMO , the Brown Dirt Warrior and the bewtiching Deonna Marie 
Spain hosts its annual Spannabis marijuana fiesta!
WIN PRIZES, one of kind autographed posters and have fun with our DJ and the hydroponic dancing girls!:...

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Live Stream Of Spannabis 2013

Don't have a ticket to Barcelona for Spannabis 2013? Big Buds and Advanced Nutrients will take you there from the comfort of your own home by live streaming all of the exciting action taking place Feb 15-17.
Come back to this page on the day of the event to all the happenings at the Advanced Nutrient's booth, including presentations by master growers Erik Biksa, Remo the Urban Grower and Brown Dirt Warrior. There will also be appearances by Advanced Nutrients co-founder "Big Mike" Straumietis, sexy AN booth girls, and lots and lots of delicious THC-filled Spanish cannabis to make your mouth water.
News source: http://bigbudsmag.com 

Miss Advanced Nutrients 2013: Borisa

Spannabis 2013