Monday, 18 February 2013

Marijuana Growers: Who Really Loves You?

Marijuana growers are doing this planet a big favor. We do the hard effort, take the risks, and spend our money to produce Big buds that make people feel good. And yet, we get harassed and dissed by society. But here's a true story about finding out who really loves and respects marijuana growers...

Advanced Nutrients!

Advanced Nutrients!

A friend of mine doesn’t grow marijuana but does grow other high-value plants, called bromeliads. Pineapple plants are in the bromeliad family, and there are thousands of other bromeliads. Bromeliads are almost like a cult plant, and they're quite a big business worldwide.
 Why? Because like marijuana, bromeliads are a specialty plant, so generic gardening advice and fertilizers are useless, if not harmful. The only people you trust for supplies, starter plants, and grow inforomation are people who know bromeliads real well, he explains.

When I went to the website and saw live video feeds from a huge marijuana event in Spain called Spannabis, it was obvious to me that there’s a big difference between Advanced Nutrients as compared to General Hydroponics, Technaflora, Botanicare, House & Garden, X, Heavy 16, Fox Farm, Humboldt Nutrients, and all the other hydroponics companies that sell fertilizers to marijuana growers.
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