Monday, 25 March 2013

Marijuana Growers Get Answers About Growing Better Buds Using Coco Coir

Soil, rockwool, peat-based mixes, water culture, hydroton, perlite, coco coir…marijuana growers wonder how to get the most weight and THC when growing in various materials. Today we’re talking about coco coir: a hydroponics grow media that’s gained lots of popularity in the last 15 years.

Hydroponics coco coir is now almost as popular as rockwool, peat-based mixes (such as Pro-Mix), and soil. Marijuana growers like how you can cleanse and re-use coco coir, and you can dispose of it outdoors in an environmentally responsible way. They like the fact that coco coir, even when fully saturated, still has porosity room for a large amount of oxygen and aeration. This makes it less likely your marijuana roots suffer from oxygen-deprivation and overwatering effects.

Good for pina coladas…and marijuana!

What’s more, properly-processed coco coir retains anti-fungal and anti-pathogen benefits that suppress pythium root rot and other harmful root zone organisms that can wreck your marijuana roots. 
Coir also has on-board nutritional properties (such as phosphorus and potassium) that build stronger roots and create a root zone that’s ideal for root growth and function. Coco coir drains well, re-hydrates easily, and it dries out on top, so you have fewer problems with fungus gnats.
Because coir doesn’t hold or store nutrient salts and organic nutrients as much as soil or other root zone media, it helps prevent overfertilization and nutrients lockout that happens when too many fertilizer elements stagnate in your root zone material. Watch this video about  - Planting Cannabis in Coco Coir and perlite. Step by step guide

Marijuana Growers Get Answers About Growing Better Buds Using Coco Coir

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