Thursday, 23 May 2013

Marijuana DUI: High on the Highway Laws Are Changing

As voters and government officials legalize recreational and medical marijuana across America, anti-marijuana people have latched onto stealth methods for attacking marijuana users. One of their tactics is to make it illegal for us to have any amount of marijuana metabolites in our blood when we’re driving. They call this “marijuana DUI,” or “drugged driving.”
In at least nine states, if you get caught driving with any amount of marijuana metabolites in your blood, you’re guilty of a crime.
previous article looks at how ridiculous this is. Marijuana compounds known as cannabinoids have a long shelf life in the body. You could take a hit of Kush in May, not get high again for three weeks, and still have detectable cannabinoid metabolites in your blood.

Alcohol, not marijuana DUI, is what most often leads to this.

And we all know that each of us reacts differently to marijuana. One person can inhale dabs of the strongest marijuana concentrate, but not even seem high. Another person takes one hit of mid-grade Mexican marijuana, and acts like a fool.
The marijuana DUI problem snared a Michigan marijuana user named Rodney Koon, who was stopped for speeding and voluntarily told police he was a medical marijuana cardholder who had used marijuana just a few hours before driving.
Not a smart thing to do. Remember—when you talk to police anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. Never admit to anything. Just keep your mouth shut and ask for a lawyer.
Koon’s mouth got him in big trouble, and court rulings upheld marijuana DUI charges against him, even though there was no provable sign that the marijuana in his blood was impairing him. He was just a speeder, like millions of other speeders. Why add on a marijuana DUI or drugged driving charge? Wouldn’t that mean that anyone who uses marijuana and has any amount of THC in their blood is technically always guilty of a crime any time they drive?

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